Ahna & Marc

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Weddings


Our Love Story….

Marc and I  met while tending bar at the same establishment in Sanford. I had, out of the blue, been let go from my previous bartending job and a old friend called and said I should go to this little bar in Sanford and apply. Marc was there while I was applying…  I tried so hard to get his attention, but he ignored me 😆and I ended up getting hired ( because of Marc, he had noticed me after all 😉 ) .

He kept coming to hang out with me on my shifts and one day he asked me out…. I was thrilled!!!  After a month of dating, he proposed in my living room while we were watching a movie.  It was the  perfect for me, because I knew he was “the one” and I didn’t need any elaborate bells and whistles.I knew he was the one and I wanted him!

We planned everything ourselves & pretty quickly. We were married just a few months later. February 10th 2007, in Deland and we have been going strong ever since! (Probably to everyone’s surprise because we didn’t know each other very long before getting married lol)  But we are a perfect match! I love when I tell our story…

Its absolutely the “love at 1st sight” fairytale!! We have a beautiful life ❤ with 2 amazing kids! A girl, 11ys old and a boy, 7yrs old. The one thing we do regret is not hiring a photographer for our special day, so getting wedding photo’s for us is something we will forever cherish and very special to our hearts!