Elopements Stress-free

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Uncategorised

Plan it and enjoy it
I look forward to meeting new couples who are ready to take the plunge with spending the rest of their life together as a couple. I am a romantic person at heart. I still believe in fairy tales, maybe I am slightly more realistic at this time in my life but I am still a believer!
I also believe that couples also should have many different options when it comes to planning their special day!
What do I mean by that?? You have big expensive weddings, In the city,in large Venue’s (indoor/outdoors) with sometimes hundreds of guest with of course a large budget you have to play with and then you have the medium and smaller versions of the same type of weddings!

As you may know I have photographed many different types of weddings from very large weddings to the very smallest of weddings over the last 10 years! Along the way I have learned so much about the operations of having a successful wedding day.

I also believe that no matter the budget, size or location on your wedding day there are a few things every couple insist on having…. a special location, a special moment and wedding photo’s! With our Elopement Packages we can deliver this expectation!

This past year has been challenge and also a opportunity, it allowed me the chance to reflect and choose the direction that I would like to focus all my attention. So on that note, I made the easy decision to solely focus on Wedding Elopements here in Volusia county. I am so excited about this decision!

I look forward to sharing this Blog page , not only about Wedding Elopements that I am coordinating but also new vendors that we come into contact with, fun activities for our couples to do on their special day, recommendations and referrals along the way!