Alexis Pratt

Alexis Pratt

Family Children Photographer

Hey there, I’m Alexis! I am a Central Florida Family  photographer who loves creating a stress-free, exciting experiences that will be shown from generation to generation.

As your  family photographer …..I  am always  prepared to get that perfect photo that you have dreamed of capturing, the family shot of all of you…..  but wait not every shot has to be Perfect!!!  Mom,  we also  want to be  sure we deliver those candid sweet intimate moments when your littles, are giggling and smiling at a funny noise you made, or even that sweet kiss with their tiny hands wrapped around your neck…just snuggling you and them…. the love and trust as they look upon you while you’re looking down at them!  Hey  Dad, well we wont forget about you either, we know what you love to do…. we know that you have and will always enjoy throwing the littles up on your shoulders and pretend to hop up and down, we know you are experienced with throwing them way up into the air to capture that huge smile and laugh! Thats the only way to capture them as they are coming back down smiling at you…. yep we will catch the moment for you Dad… so you can always cherish the way they looked at you!  

Life is made up of alot of tiny prefect moments, allow me to capture them!


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